Should we call them Orr-ders?

Just to make sure you don’t run afoul of any fiats issued by Detroit’s new emergency manager, Kevyn Orr has helpfully had his minions create a site where folks can go and gander at his latest orders.

Two have been issued so far.

The first, signed on March 25, restored the salaries of Detroit’s mayor and City Council. See, under the law, the executive and legislative branches of government are immediately cut off once an EM is put in place. It’s up to the EM do decided if the duly elected officials will be allowed to draw salaries and benefits.

That way they are all certain to know exactly who it is that’s responsible for keeping their bread buttered. But that might just be the cynical view. So to would be the thought that Orr would want to keep a beholden council and mayor around to give his decisions the air of legitimacy, even though he doesn’t need their approval to do pretty much whatever he wants.

Or, we could take Orr’s words at face value and believe him when he declares, as he did in Order No. 1, that he’s “determined that, that the Mayor and City Couyncil will play a vital role in the collaborative process of addressing Detroit’s financial emergency, and ensuring continuity of essential services, and restoring financial stability

.” That is why he’s decided that, “at the present time, the restoration of the salary, wages, compensation, and other benefits of the Mayor and the City Council is consistent with the financial and operating plan

We would think that phrase “at the present time” might be a little chilling to those whose salaries dangle from the thread held by Orr, but that’s just us.

Order No. 2 was Orr’s decision to accept the use of emergency vehicles — ambulances and police cruisers — being offered up by corporate donors. (Insert your favorite RoboCop joke here).







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