Scratch the sauce

Maybe cooking from scratch just ain’t your thing. Not a problem, as long you and the date don’t mind pasta, because you can always cook to impress with super-suave, celebrity-endorsed pasta sauces. The Paul Newman brand is kind of played out and you can get it anywhere; plus, he still hasn’t come out with Cool Hand Luke Ice Cream — so try something different. Like famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s new line of noodle toppings. Available at Merchants’ Warehouse, they taste pretty good, but cost a whopping $7.25! There is no spaghetti sauce made simply of tomatoes, garlic and spices worth $7.25. Maybe if a copy of The Godfather, or at least some psychoactive properties, were included in the jar, I could understand, but no such luck.

Instead, go with the classic: Frank Sinatra’s Marinara sauce ($2.99 a jar) and pick up a copy of Sinatra Live at the Sands to accompany it.

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