Salty bliss

A mug of your mother’s hot cocoa might be the traditional way to warm up on a cold Michigan day. But if she doesn’t happen to be around, there are other, more glamorous ways to take the chill off. Blisslabs has come up with one of them. A new addition to the company’s line of innovative beauty products, Hot Salt Scrub is a luxurious body scrub that actually warms up as you rub it on your skin. This unique, all-natural concoction suspends 70 percent pure sea salt in a light, oil-free gel that promises an invigorating and warming bath experience. For a little added bliss, the scrub also contains a blend of aromatherapy oils (rosemary and eucalyptus). A big 21.2-ounce jar of Hot Salt Scrub goes for a cool $30.

Top off this one-of-a-kind treatment with Blisslabs Lemon & Sage Body Butter or Lemon & Sage Soft Oil Spray. Look for Blisslabs stuff at The Blisslabs Web site is still under construction, but watch for it at Norene Cashen pays attention here every other week. E-mail [email protected]

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