Report: Adidas wants to open factory in Detroit by 2017

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Footwear maker Adidas is looking to open a factory in Detroit that would be entirely automated, according to a report in Complex

The company's executive board member for global brands, Eric Liedtke, says the factories — one is set to open in Germany next year — would be "incredibly nimble," the report says. More from Complex:

"It’s all going automated," Liedtke said. "We're going to open up our first automated footwear factory in the first quarter of 2016 [in Germany]." Not only will adidas aim for autonomy, these factories will also be incredibly nimble, almost portable. "It’s going to be small, it's going to be a pilot, but it fits within a cargo container."

Liedtke believes that pilot program in Germany could translate to greater success in the U.S. "It's all a part of speeding the future. We call it 'Speed Factories.' Because ultimately if we get this thing right, we can put it in Detroit. We can bring manufacturing back to Detroit and that's where we want to be in 2017."

An email was sent to Adidas for comment on the possible move. 

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