Real survivor

May 9, 2001 at 12:00 am

Henry Dudzinski was enjoying some cake and ice cream at a party held in his honor Monday, one day after serving what turned out to be 27 days of very hard time in a Detroit jail.

Dudzinski was thrown into the slammer last month by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Isidore Torres, who found the 77-year-old man in contempt after he refused to remove a sweatshirt bearing the words “Kops Kourts Krooks.” Dudzinski wore the shirt as a form of protest during a hearing in the civil case of Officer Eugene Brown, who is accused of using unnecessary force in the fatal 1996 shooting of Detroit resident Lamar Grable.

According to Dudzinski, a prominent member of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, he was denied access to an experimental medication he’s been taking “religiously” the past seven years for treatment of prostate cancer.

“It was very traumatic,” said Dudzinski, a retired police officer.

Nonetheless, Dudzinski remains unrepentant.

“I’m convinced that is was almighty God that inspired me to create that shirt,” he said.

And his plans for the future?

“I’m not going away,” promised Henry. “I’m a survivor.”

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