Reader responses on Elizabeth Warren, 'Merchants of Doubt,' John's Carpet House

The Warren report

Dear Mr. Lessenberry

I often agree with your take on many subjects. Your recent article about income equality was right on. However, putting Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in the same sentence was way off base.

I have never heard Warren talk about ISIS, same-sex marriage, or climate change. Her focus is and always has been how the middle class and working poor are getting squeezed dry.

Warren has been fighting for the working class since she was elected. She has been fighting Wall Street and their "too big to fail" label. She is a strong proponent of affordable college for all. She has been trying to get the student loan debt problem restructured to be more equitable. Read her book A Fighting Chance. She ain't Hillary.

Thank you,
Marsha McMaster

Merchants of comments

Jeff Meyers' review of Merchants of Doubt inspired some spirited commenting about science, politics, and climate change.

Reader "PauvrePapillon" says: Journalism is, indeed, dead. The mainstream media are not journalists. They are the propaganda apparatus of the Fascist Democrat Party. Notice that there are no scientific arguments made in this piece. That's not how they work. Their marching orders are to defame and discredit the opposition — any opposition.

From these Useful Idiots you will receive a steady barrage of personal attacks and, if and when they do make an argument, it will be a straw man fallacy — all very typical of fascists.

The fact, however, remains: The science is settled. Despite an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, there has been, for nearly two decades now, no statistically significant increase in the temperatures observed by NASA's global satellite network. The AGW theory of global warming/climate change has failed to predict the data. In terms of scientific method, it is, therefore, dead and stinking.

Setting aside, for the moment, the obvious fact that climate is not now (and never and has been) static, the so-called global warming/climate change crisis is a fraud. There is no crisis. A slight increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide does increase crop yields, but there are no other significant effects. At a mere 400 parts per million, the planet is in far greater danger of having too little atmospheric carbon dioxide than too much.

It's all about stealing government grant money and advancing One World Government and socialism and always has been.

Pardon our Polish

Hi Michael,

I enjoyed your article on the Krakus restaurant. We have been there many times and really like the food and the ambience.

I notice that you refer to "pierogies." "Pierogies" is technically not a word, although you will see it appear (incorrectly) on labels of some packaged foods, even in Hamtramck. From Wikipedia: The Polish name pierogi is plural;[1] the singular form pieróg is rarely used, as a typical serving consists of several pierogi.

Keep up the good work!

Mike Poterala

They huffed and they puffed and they blew the carpet house down ...

Michael Jackman's blog post about John's Carpet House's newest legal troubles had a lot of folks upset with the city, but are officials just doing their job?

Reader "Javier Juan Manuel" says: I feel bad, he is doing something nice, he gets people to turn out, it sounds fun, he cleans up before and after, but there are still laws.

I wish he could be granted use of the nearest park or maybe a school that is closed he can use and tend part of a field or parking lot. There has to be a school or park within a half-mile of his house.

It's important all the laws be followed, and to let this guy off the hook is a violation of the 14th Amendment (its roots are based in racial things) so brushing it off then allows for things like blacks not being allowed to do a whole bunch of stuff. I do not think people want to go down this road.

This guy seems cool as hell, but he should be at a park, school, or something commercial. Not in the neighborhood — someone might have to get up early the next day, they did not buy a home next to a drag strip, or an airport, or a concert venue, they should not have music forced on them, no matter how talented the musicians.

Anyone who doubts me, look up the 14th Amendment, in particular all the stuff about the equal protection clause.

Anyone that has been shut down for anything remotely close to this ever can sue the city for discrimination.

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