Pumpin' Iggy fur

May 30, 2001 at 12:00 am


Well, there’s nothing that makes an already temperamental gossip columnist even bitchier than not be able to gossip about one of the biggest events of the year, the much-anticipated and controversial DEMF. That’s right, kiddies, the Memorial Day holiday means the dreaded early-Friday deadline for us hardworking schleps at Metro Times, so I was forced to drag my tired, 8-to-5 working-stiff ass out during the week, just to dig up the juicy gossipy tidbits for you, dear reader. I hope you appreciate my damn sacrifices.

Thus, I hauled said tired tushie out to the Town Pump on Tuesday night, in search of a premium draft and a few smiling faces. And that I found — Vanessa Macchia, visiting from Belgium, was lingering over a pitcher with her automotive-industry buddies, Christine Jung and Dan Trainor of GM, and John Stokes of DaimlerChrysler.

Meanwhile, I was browbeaten into a photo op by John Hanselman along with his pizza-scarfing pals, Kimberly Hippler and Town Pump owner Sean Harrington, who gave me a string of creative fake names — Sammy Davis Jr. and Peeping Tom among them — before my astute investigative-reporter nose sniffed out his true identity.

Next door at Second City, the weekly Improv Jammers performances were taking place, and a few actors straggled by for some post-performance relaxation, or a sip of liquid courage before their set. Two such brilliantly witty and charming men sauntered in, esteemed improv instructor and hotshot vice president Shawn Handlon and the clever, ass-smacking Pete Jacokes, both of the Planet Ant Home Team improv group. I also caught up with a few sharp-dressed guys from the improv group Dizzying Heights: Martin Butler, Chris Gioia and Robert Young, who was adamant about emphasizing his professional career in the scrap-metal business. The boys were making friendly with a trio of cuties in varies shades of blonde; marketing representative Amy Johnson, strategic planner Karen LePage and Tracy Loy of San Francisco.

Settled in the upper corner of a bar, savoring a slutty redhead (the drink, silly), I found recent graduate Gary Bredow and renowned local photographer Brett Carson, hashing out the details for a documentary being filmed about the DEMF. Brought to you by Fuell Productions, the documentary will feature interviews with headlining DJs, local music fans and city residents. Bredow, who is directing and producing the movie with Mark MacInnis of LA, says the documentary will provide a realistic, insightful depiction of the Detroit electronica community, and pull the focus away from the frequently sensationalistic, bastardized media portrayals of drug use in the scene (you know who you are, for shame!). A host of other local talent will work on the film; in addition to Carson’s still photography, Cathy Lennington is the director of photography, Jason Simon is handling all the graphic design and Marta Tmokiw is assisting production. Keep your eyes peeled for the film’s premiere at Motor in the next few months, and Fuell plans to run it through the film-festival circuit as well.


Liz Jackson of Queen of Cups Catering from Grosse Pointe called up Loose Lips with this hot tip: Jackson’s catering business served dinner at last week’s Iggy Pop show at the State Theatre, and while the band was tuning up during the sound check, Jackson approached the frighteningly thin and wizened king of punk rock himself to tell him one of her employees, Angie Womann, once did a kick-ass version of “Search and Destroy” with her former band Agent 009 for a Detroit local music compilation of Iggy covers. Jackson told the Iggster that he should let Womann sing the song during the sound check. Mr. Pop, a bit doubtful and cocky, told her to go for it, and Jackson reports that Womann blew everyone away, even drawing Buckcherry out of its dressing rooms with her scorching rendition. Plus, Womann was overjoyed at having fulfilled a lifelong fantasy of singing with Iggy’s band. Much nicer and more touching than the fantasy of another truly devoted Iggy fan, who once told me he could die a happy man if the Ig whipped it out and peed on him from the stage. Gross, dude.


For all you animal-rights-conscious music and fashion fans, mark your calendars for “Shelter Me” at the Shelter on July 21, a benefit for two local animal shelters. Presented by gothgrrls.org, the benefit will feature the live music of deathgirl.com, sweatysuedelips and Stroker Ace, DJ sets from spinstress merciful elyse, DJ Kris+alis from the Labyrinth and spinmistress “batty” all the way from Cleveland, a roving fashion show by designer Krista Saint Andre, and will be MCd by yours truly. All proceeds from the event will go to two no-kill animal shelters, Jethro’s Place and MARL.

gothgrrls.org is a local, private organization of faboo divas and animal lovers. The grrls were so touched after hearing the heartbreaking story of Leo, a brutally abused kitty rescued by Jethro’s Place, that they wanted to make a significant contribution to shelters that help the thousands of animals like Leo. So they put their smart little fake-hair-laden heads together and cooked up the idea of a benefit for shelters that do not destroy animals or sell them to laboratory research (shockingly enough, the latter is a fairly common practice.) Admission will be only $8 at the door — get a $1 discount if you bring donations of pet food, toys or other supplies.

Sarah Klein loves her two kitties with all her heart. E-mail sappy pet stories, hot gossip tips or desperate pleas for attention to [email protected] or call the tip line at 313-962-5281. Press * then dial