Why is it that only 36 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 24 cast a ballot in the 2000 presidential election? Conventional wisdom holds that the kids are just too damn cynical and apathetic to bother voting. But a new report by Project Democracy, an effort of the League of Conservation Voters election fund, comes to a different conclusion. Co-written by University of Michigan student Ellen Koasky, the study found that “student voters on campuses across America are being held back by restrictive residency requirements, often based on very creative interpretations of election laws, sheer intimidation at polling places and blatant racial prejudice.” To view the full report online, go to projectdemocracy2004. org. If you are a student in Michigan who wants to learn exactly what your voting rights are, the state’s ACLU and NAACP have complied information that can be found at


High and dry: “Too many state lawmakers are not working to protect Michigan’s most valuable natural resource, water.” So declares a report released Monday by a coalition of environmental groups. The report, according to those who produced it, “shows a disturbing pattern of the erosions of state programs designed to protect our water. …” To obtain a copy go to or phone 517-498-9539.

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