Pointe by Point

A handful of Grosse Pointers this week are passionate about specific issues — whether for or against — regarding the sanctity of the town. Though Metro Times being made a behind-the-counter commodity at local libraries is a talking point of its own, residents are also discussing a barn being installed at the Grosse Pointe Park border at Alter Road, the hullabaloo of the fireworks in Grosse Pointe Woods Sunday evening, and Portia Roberson, the head of the Civil Rights and Ethics Division for the city of Detroit being accused of shoplifting at a Talbots on Kercheval Avenue.

1) The Grosse Pointe Woods annual fireworks, which occurred Sunday evening to a fairly large crowd, usually draw some incidents despite police presence. After Sunday’s events, residents took to the Grosse Pointey Facebook page to voice concern about the event’s traditional location: Parcells Middle School on Mack Avenue. Locals are considering approaching the city council to ask that the fireworks be moved to one of the residents-only parks, particularly the Grosse Pointe Woods Lakefront Park located in St. Clair Shores on Jefferson Avenue. The desire to move appears to stem from concerns that teenagers were increasingly rowdy and starting fights in the midst of the crowd.

2) Portia Roberson, head of the Civil Rights and Ethics Division for the city of Detroit, was stopped by police at a Grosse Pointe Talbots Sunday afternoon after exiting the fitting room. The police were called to investigate a “potential shoplifter.” Roberson said on her friends-only Facebook page that she went to Talbots to return previously purchased items, which she had in her purse, but went into the dressing room to try on some pants before returning them. The officers searched her bag and found that the items in her bag matched information on her previous receipt. Roberson went on to say that the manager informed her that she had asked the police to walk around the store because it was busy, adding that only three other shoppers were there, and that they were not searched. The Grosse Pointe store has since apologized.

3) Grosse Pointe Park is in the midst of building a farmers market smack on the Grosse Pointe-Detroit border on Kercheval Road, which has residents feeling a mixed bag of emotions. So far the market is just a large, tan barn, but road traffic is at a standstill. The area will likely see more foot traffic in the future. Many residents voiced on the Facebook page that they’re excited for the development, and believe that it will benefit both sides of the border. However, some locals were quick to voice that they’re “pro-border,” with comments like “wish they would build a wall from Mack to Jeff. I am SO OVER the crime that pours in from Detroit and I’m not ashamed to say it. Anything that would help deter that

I’m down for!!!!”

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