Playboy highlights Michigan farmer's pez smuggling operation

For years, Steve Glew maintained a Pez smuggling operation. You read that right. Glew, known as the "Pez Outlaw," claims to have made $4 million through a serious enterprise. Writing for Jeff Maysh in Playboy, Glew's efforts are disclosed in intimate detail. Consider:

Through it all, Steve Glew reigned as the rebel king of the bootleg Pez market. During more than 70 wild missions to Europe, he persuaded factory workers to sell him priceless dead-stock dispensers and bribed factory bosses to make him kooky rejects, which he then sold for up to $500 each. He fooled customs agents in more than 13 countries as he smuggled 750,000 Pez dispensers into the United States, and he claims to have made a staggering $4 million. But like many who run elaborate criminal enterprises—even those involving Goofy and Miss Piggy—Steve admits he was the architect of his own demise.

We won't give away too much of Maysh's piece, which is a gem of a read, so have a look here

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