Pitch a fit

They were on their way home to Detroit from Crawford, Texas, where they’d gone for two days to lend support to the protest staged there by Cindy Sheehan, whose Marine son Casey was killed in Iraq. Sheehan’s been wanting to talk with President George W. Bush about his lies that led us to war, but the president has been too darn busy clearing brush and attending lavish fund-raisers during his five-week vacation to meet with the mom of a fallen soldier.

As they were driving home, the Detroit contingent of eight people decided they had to keep the peace protest going. So, instead of seeking hot showers and soft beds on Monday, they opted instead to put their tents back up — in downtown’s Grand Circus Park. If they’re still there by the time you read this, they want you to come and join them.

“It’s time everybody stood up,” activist David Sole tells News Hits. The group is calling upon “military families, peace activists, youth, clergy, people of faith, labor, educators and all others who wish to see an end to the war policies of the Bush administration to join us at ‘Camp Casey Detroit.’”

You can call Sole at 313-680-5508 — maybe. It’s a cell, and there’s no place in the park to plug in the charger, so he’s not sure how long he’ll be powered up. He’s also not too certain — nor too worried — about the legality of camping in a city park.

“Don’t ask me legalities,” he says. “I don’t know. I don’t care. All I know is that it’s time for everybody to stand up.”

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