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Detroit’s daily newspapers have a history of rubbing it in each other’s faces when they manage to steal name talent from each other. Which explains why the Detroit News — which recently grabbed Neal Rubin from the Freep (we hear he was disgruntled after losing the who-gets-to-be-the-next-Bob Talbert sweepstakes) — has plastered the guy’s mug all over town.

And, for all you loyal boycotters out there (keep it up, the fight’s not over yet!) you’re missing one hell of a laugh over the way each new column appears sporting one of several painfully posed Rubin photos, each of which appear to take up almost as much space as the words he pounds out.

(Which, now that we think about it, is an idea News Hits can learn to love. Bigger pictures + fewer words = less work. And if it means wearing some goofy-assed Hawaiian shirt á la Rubin, hey — no problem. We’re every bit as sartorially challenged as he is. Now, if we can only get that dopey expression down pat.)

With so many column inches consumed by Rubin’s image — set off with lots and lots of white space — pictures of his subjects have been shrunk to postage stamp size. (We swear NR’s hand alone covered more newsprint than an accompanying photo of Sparky Anderson one day last week.)

We’ve heard these columnists are very ego driven, but who does Rubin think he is, Mitch Albom?

Larry Gabriel is a writer, musician and former Metro Times editor. Send comments to [email protected]

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