People are clowning the Detroit Police Department on Facebook over fake designer bag bust

Mar 11, 2022 at 1:29 pm
click to enlarge Priorities. - Detroit Police Department/Facebook
Detroit Police Department/Facebook

These fools are tripping. That was our first thought after seeing the Detroit Police Department pat themselves on the back for busting a guy selling counterfeit designer bags out of a truck.

DPD made a Facebook post on Thursday commending the “amazing work of [the] Vice Enforcement unit” for confiscating nearly 700 fake Louis Vuitton wallets and purses. It’s almost as if this isn’t Detroit and the police don’t have enough serious crime to focus on. You know, things like mugging, murder, drive-by shootings, home invasion, sexual assault… do we need to go on?

“This is a reminder that DPD will pursue any and all criminal activity,” the post reads.

Right. Like the thousands of forgotten rape kits that sat untested in a DPD storage room for nearly two decades — a great example of DPD’s dedication to pursuing criminal activity. Oh, we forgot. They’re too busy shutting down sacred Indigenous ceremonies and getting people arrested for non-existent crimes. Priorities.

As you could imagine, people are letting DPD have it in the comments, asking the tough questions we’re all wondering like, “are you serious!?”

“Wow, what a great use of my tax dollars!” one person wrote. “never mind you never found my stolen bike, or the people who broke into my house, or the guy who murdered someone in my neighborhood, or the drunk driver who hit me, but you are doing God's work finding... counterfeit handbags.”

“My cousin was murdered by a fake Gucci handbag that escaped from a high security prison. So glad these dangerous predators are off the streets,” another commented.

Fix it, Jesus.

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