One week left for photographers to submit to DCCP: The Ephemeral

Aug 25, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Local photographers have one week left to submit works for potential inclusion in a new show entitled The Ephemeral. The Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography is working with Tate Shaw, who will curate the show.

Shaw is an artist and writer who lives in Rochester, New York. He's also the Director of Visual Studies Workshop and an assistant professor in English at the College at Brockport, SUNY where he directs the Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies program at Visual Studies Workshop.

The Ephemeral (which means "lasting a very short time") will focus on small, fleeting moments in a time when Instagram has more than a billion uses and news stories are told in 140 characters or less. A time when everyone is a photographer, journalist, critic, and expert. Thank you, Internet.

The show will have an online exhibition as well as a "short-lived pop-up exhibition" that will coincide with the launch of printed companion piece, which will be released on newsprint, a medium that Tate favors for the project.

"Newspaper, both a stable and instable medium, is the ideal means of sharing that which is brief and passing. It speaks to the tension in our lives between the immediate and the lasting," he says on the DCCP site.

Photographers are asked to submit up to five photos by Sept. 1. All entrants will be notified of Shaw's selections by Sept. 30.

Photographers can submit their works here. There is a $30 fee for non-members and a $25 fee for members.