On Politics, Champagne, and Ilitch

MT Readers Weigh In.

Dec 30, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Political Ranting

re: “Christmas Is for the Rich”; [Politics and Prejudices; Dec. 25-31, 2013]

Dear Editor:

It breaks my heart that so many children are living in poverty, but what hurts me more is that the liberal agenda fueling this situation is still being perpetuated. Even though, after 40 years of social engineering by our central government, we have only seen a rise in corporatism, less individual rights, less individual freedom and a much less wealthy and powerful middle class. Is it no wonder to liberals that when the Department of Education was founded in the 1970s the illiteracy rate in America was at an all-time low, and yet now, in 2013 it is at an all-time high? Coincidence?

Is it no wonder that after stimulus after stimulus, social program after social program, bailout after bailout, quantitative easing after quantitative easing, the unemployment rate among working adults keeps going up? It is unaccountable social welfare and unprecedented corporate welfare to the elitist banks and corporations at previously unseen levels by our current president that is the problem. Socialism (which leads to corporatism) is the problem! These policies are what has led to the rich getting richer! Not to mention crippling regulation and the highest corporate tax rate in the world that makes it impossible for start-up, small businesses to compete with the corporate elite and corrupt centralized political ideologies. Cut regulation. Make big business pay the same rate as small business. End corporate welfare. Require social welfare to include accountability, pathways to opportunity, and some form of giving back to the community. Above all, lower corporate and income taxes at the federal level. And give the people and state and local communities back the power to innovate, compete and take care of each other.

Paul Pantelis
Royal Oak, Dec. 26, 2013


Burst Bubble

re: “Champagne 101” [Dec. 18-24, 2013]

Dear Editor:
It is not accurate to state that only wine from [France’s] Champagne region may be labeled Champagne. There are currently American wines labeled, and legally so, Champagne. For example, Great Western Champagne Cellars of New York uses the word Champagne five times, twice on the front label and thrice on the back label. Korbel, another major Champagne brand, is Californian. New American sparkling wine makers may not call their wine Champagne, but there are a number that can if they had used the name Champagne before the relatively recent U.S. ruling that grandfathered in place many American Champagne labels.

Bobby Frank
Ann Arbor, Dec. 25, 2013


Corporate Welfare

Dear Editor: Mike and Marian Ilitch, billionaire owners of the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, and Motor City Casino, have moved a step closer to building their mini ice arena for the Red Wings after the lame duck Detroit City Council expanded the taxing area of the Downtown Detroit Development Authority, which “captures” tax dollars for development projects. We are told by the mainstream media that this is not Detroit tax dollars … $235 million of public money will be given to the development of the MINI ice arena (smaller seating capacity than Joe Louis Arena) and the surrounding area.

David L. Malhalab
Detroit, Dec. 22, 2013