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In honor of this being my first blog entry, I felt an obligation to tackle a topic that has been more and more relevant in recent weeks for the Tigers, and one that we all can relate to — injuries.

Although the extent of my personal injuries has been a lone broken bone, some of these professional athletes — namely MLB players, as I’ll be looking at the Tigers today — deal with some difficult, ongoing injuries for weeks or months.

First, and most notable, is the injury to All-Star first baseman Miguel Cabrera. The Tigers are calling it a strain to the lower abdomen and it has noticeably plagued him for the past few weeks, though he has missed minimal time.

Miguel Cabrera

Despite the fact that he has been moving at a snail’s pace on the base path, is clearly limited in his actions at third base, and could potentially be doing himself harm by not letting his abdomen heal properly, it hasn’t slowed him down too much; figuratively at least.

Cabrera has four home runs and six RBIs in his last four games, all while the injury has been an obvious thorn in his side — or abdomen in this case. Not that he was stealing bases and hitting triples before the injury, but he’s definitely slower and in more anguish than normal.

I mean, maybe his recent homerun streak is more a result of him just adapting to not being able to run too well on the base path

If only that were actually the case.

Austin Jackson

Either way, he and teammate Austin Jackson were both named American League Co-Players of the Week for last week’s performance. Oh yeah, the injury-riddled Cabrera also belted two home runs off of New York Yankees’ closer and future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera in back-to-back games — albeit the Tigers losing both games in extra innings.

Another notable injury update that could have an immediate impact on the Tigers is the return of second baseman Omar Infante. He has missed the last six weeks with an ankle sprain and Hernan Perez’s .214 batting average hasn’t exactly sufficed during Infante’s absence.

Omar Infante

Sure, Infante isn’t a power bat in the Tigers’ middle of the order, but his .305 average is far superior to Perez’s near Mendoza-line batting average.

And that’s all she wrote for this edition of the blog. Yes, the Tigers’ injury report is much longer than this, but these two guys appear to be the most notable and the most important to the team’s future success. We’ll be back again later this week for another edition of the blog, which might even include a blast from the past.

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