No place like home, boy

Dec 6, 2000 at 12:00 am
Ever wonder what attorney Geoffrey Fieger does when he’s not raising hell over high-profile legal cases? Well, apparently he’s not one to let his briefs slip. Imagine News Hits’ surprise when, on vacation outside Seattle recently, one of our team saw Fieger’s way-too-familiar mug pop up on an episode of "Power of Attorney," a nationally syndicated show the Emerald City’s CBS affiliate airs to kill time between the daytime soaps and the evening news. Fieger’s client was the male defendant in a domestic dispute, and the spoils were just over a whopping $300. Geoff gave it his best, but alas, the scales of justice tipped in favor of his opponent as Fieger lost the daytime drama case. Guess it just wasn’t the kind of TV performance that Fieger does best. Alisa Gordaneer is MT features editor. E-mail [email protected]