No-kill animal shelter Detroit Dog Rescue gets city approval

Jul 28, 2015 at 4:28 pm
Last month, Detroit Dog Rescue's future seemed at risk as Animal Control officials demanded proper paperwork for the nonprofit shelter's dogs. 

Today, the nonprofit, formed in 2011, announced it has officially secured licensing to operate a no-kill animal shelter — the first in Detroit. The shelter says it has room for 30 dogs at any given time.

The conflict stems from the fact that by Detroit law, rescues are not permitted to capture their own animals, which can currently only be captured by Animal Control. Those policies are currently under review.

“We can keep them here, but how they are brought in remains a gray area,” Rinaldi told the Detroit News. “The (city’s) laws...are not dated for the animals of Detroit today.”

The group was founded by rapper Daniel "Hush" Carlisle — who made a name for his efforts by releasing a viral YouTube video that claimed Detroit had 50,000 stray dogs wandering its streets. (The number has since been disputed, and studies suggest the real number is less than 1,000.)

Read our previous interview with Carlisle here. As the Free Press reported, Carlisle stepped down as executive director last month.