New Belle Isle stars in new meme

Jul 14, 2014 at 10:19 am
Remember the debate over Belle Isle last year? The idea of making Belle Isle a state park appealed to many who complained about the litter and riffraff at the park. Some of these people had even been to the island park in the last several years.

But seriously, these folks objected to the noise speeding scofflaws with loud cars (and loud radios) thumping along as they were just trying to relax and get a tan. And what's the problem? If they had $11, they could still get on the island. (As long as they didn't have unpaid fines resulting in warrants, etc.)

Well, now we're beginning to see what this New Belle Isle looks like. Word is that the law is pimping it harder than hoo-riders ever did. The image of a quad-riding "peace officer" on Belle Isle, apparently questioning a woman sunning herself, has made its way to meme status. Here are a few of the jokes the critics of making Belle Isle a state park have dreamed up.