Movement Electronic Music Festival art installations find homes in Detroit this summer

Jun 13, 2014 at 1:23 pm
If you went to Movement Electronic Music Festival a few weeks ago, you most likely noticed six interactive art installations set up in Hart Plaza. Facilitated by Community Arts Moving Projects Detroit (CAMP Detroit), the sculptures are now set up around downtown for people to enjoy all summer. Projects include "Ernst, King of Cats," a giant puppet that can be manipulated with ropes, and "The Good-Time Light-Hearted Lean Peaks," psychedelic pyramids that pulse with light (read our interview with the Peaks' creators here.)

Check out photos of all the installations below, as well as a map on where to find them this summer.

Cadillac Square (Ernst: King of Cats by Sean Hages)

Compuware Plaza (Good-Time Light-Hearted Lean Peaks by Patrick Ethen, Ellen Rutt, Rachel Mulder, Alan Sedghi, Eiji Jimbo, and Simon Anton) Photo by Vanessa Miller of CAMP.

Chase Tower Patio ( Dystopian Disco: Sonic Crystals by Bethany Shorb and Kip Ewing) Photo by Vanessa Miller of CAMP.

Federal Reserve Plaza (YEAH YOY, Foch by Louis Casinelli and Andrew Thompson) Photo by Vanessa Miller of CAMP.

1001 Woodward - Michigan Avenue Entrance (Reflection Portal by John Rizzo) Photo by Rock Ventures Photography.

Campus Martius Park South (Pharos 3 by William Tyrrell) Photo by Rock Ventures Photography.