Motor City Rides

What would old Jimi Hendrix drive? Were he alive, it's easy to imagine him dragging Jeff Beck in a Jag near Johnny Depp's country villa in the south of France, but a 2001 Ford Escape? No way, José.

Well that's how puppy-dog guitar prodigy Cetan Clawson gets his ass around his hometown of Monroe and all gig points in between. Sure, the Escape's big and powerful like Clawson's Marshall stack roar, but not exactly sexy and ostentatious like Jimi's guitar-strut moves, which Clawson has down to a T. (There's some Johnny Thunders in there too.)

But no matter how over-the-top Clawson's stage élan is, he's, well ... a fairly practical guy. "Yeah, it's true," the semi-foppish and budding guitar hero says. "I keep a miniature screwdriver set in my car to fix my sunglasses."

Clawson's relentless gigging demands a reliable ride with enough room to haul all 10 (that's right, 10!) of the Stratocasters he owns. There's that Marshall beast too.

The Ford Escape is Clawson's first car; he saved up for it.

"It's a workhorse. ... It's nice to have a car that fits your personality — I'm a utilitarian kind of guy," he says.

Catch Cetan Clawson Saturday, June 14, at the Belmont, 10215 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck; 313-871-1966.

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