Motor City Rides

Mar 12, 2008 at 12:00 am

At first glance, the diminutive Alex Winston is the last person you'd expect to swear like a soused sailor while opening for Ted Nugent, or while driving her four, piss-in-empty-Gatorade-bottles bandmates around the country in a giant 2006 Ford E350 van.

Alas, the guitar-slinging Winston is every bit as lovely as she is one of the dudes.

After recording the By the Roots EP at 40 Oz. Sound, things began moving quickly for Winston. First, she scored a tour with Terrible Ted, who then hooked her up to play for the troops via Armed Forces Entertainment. Then, just recently, she got an endorsement with Gibson guitars and landed some of her songs on the DIRT and One Tree Hill TV shows. Nice.

What's more, Winston went over well enough with the Nuge faithful that merch sales from the tour helped her purchase this glimmering E350, where you'll usually find her behind the wheel. Alex can't feign amusement when talking about her mammoth ride. "It looks really intimidating until you see I'm driving it," she says. "I get to be that badass in the big truck."