Motor City Rides

Dec 13, 2006 at 12:00 am

It takes a real man to ride about town on a girl’s bike. A girl’s bike with streamers, no less! Make no mistake, LTD is a real man. In fact, it’s that manliness on the drum kit that gives muscle to Pas/Cal’s winning pop confections.

LTD pays the bills working a day gig as an Industrial Hygiene Consultant — that’s environmental clean-up to you and me. Shortly after marrying his sweetheart Michelle Marie this summer, LTD was called off to work on a long term project tearing down the former married-student housing at Western Michigan University. Since the job required him to be in Kalamazoo weekdays, Michelle and LTD moved out of their roomy Ann Arbor digs and into the second floor of his 83-year-old grandmother’s Dearborn house, where she’s lived since 1947. The living arrangement helped the couple pay off debts, with some dough left over for LTD to indulge in vintage bicycles.

LTD bought his classic ’70’s Schwinn Collegiate girl’s bike at Al Petri and Sons in Lincoln Park (they specialize in lowrider and chopper bikes). The bike has been customized with a banana seat, monkey bars and the streamers. Why? Quips LTD, "Because I need the big handle bars to handle my big guns." At least there’s no top tube to get in the way!