Motor City Rides

Oct 4, 2006 at 12:00 am
Mick Collins has made an international career out of rocking cheap guitars like nobody else. And few could coax 165,000 miles out of a 1989 Cutlass Supreme. "The LS-125 transmission was the worst transmission ever made by General Motors," the Dirtbombs frontman observes. "It was only designed to last 70,000 miles." When Collins spotted this Cutlass two years ago it had but 138,000 miles logged on it. He decided it was safely past the transmission’s critical milestone. He plunked down the $750 asking price.

Though, admittedly, the beast ain’t as cool as the ’72 Pontiac Grandville or the ’68 Chrysler Newport that Collins used to own, the killer Cutlass is mighty functional and has at least a couple months left in it until he scores his next car.

Side note: While scraping ice off the car’s roof last winter, an image of Hawaiian mythical goddess Coco Pele appeared. "Coco Pele’s on the roof of my car, so at least I feel protected from the white man," the part-Cherokee Collins adds, jokingly.

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