Motor City Rides

On stage Muggs and Paybacks guitar-hero Danny Methric is a heady rock ’n’ roll mix of the James Gang and Rory Gallagher with the smoothness of a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. To match said combination of rawk power and timeless grace, the guitarist cruises town in his lowbrow-highbrow 1987 Lincoln Town Car. Methric bought the behemoth a year and a half ago for a cool grand (a few hundred less than what his ’91 Les Paul Studio is worth). The Detroiter says, "The good thing about having a crappy car is it doesn’t draw attention to thieves. Besides it has no power steering. If someone tried to steal the car it would crash into the building in front of it."

Although, we should note that his car has been busted into at least once. "I did have a bum sleep in my car once. In the morning I found Altoids, a scarf, black shoes and a glass of pee in my car. And he took my baseball cleats!"

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