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Drinkin' beer, shootin' pool, listening to records and hangin' with your pals doesn't sound so unusual for a rock 'n' roll band. But diggin' Dionne Warwick's Promises, Promises and hanging at your parents' house? Now that's so un-rock 'n' roll, right? Pssssssshawww ... just ask the Satin Peaches. That's how the four-piece band spends its downtime. (Besides, listening to Warwick is very rock 'n' roll these days. What? You've not heard? Heh.)

The members of the group all live within a few miles of each other in Commerce Township, where chilling at the 7-Eleven heads the list of entertainment options. And seeing as they all reside with their folks (well, bass player Aaron Nelson lives with his grandparents), you'd think band rehearsals and parties would be a problem. Not so. Satin Peaches practices in guitarist-vocalist George Morris' basement, which overflows with his father Gus' vintage guitars. (Killer side note: Morris' pop was once in a Kiss cover band called Piss!)

Parties usually happen around Mom's flower arranging bench in guitarist Ryan Wiese's large basement. The guys have all known each other since childhood and their parents are friends. "We're so appreciative" Wiese says without irony. "A lot of parents probably wouldn't get what we're doing."

Their Owen Morris-produced (he did Oasis) Morning Maid should be out on Island UK this summer. The record's a huge wall of guitars, not surprising for a bunch of kids who cut their teeth in a Zep cover band. But until they hit the road again they'll be hanging in Wiese's basement, marveling at the genius of Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach. "They're brutal!" Ryan enthuses. "The rhythms and melodies are incredible. They're the best chord changes ever. It's straight evil."

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