Motor City Cribs

Detroit artist Glenn Barr's Corktown studio overflows with inspiration. No kiddin'. The front of his studio's packed floor to ceiling with vintage action figures, dolls, comics, books, magazines and lunch boxes (many of which he got in trade for creating ads for Royal Oak's Dave's Comics). Here, it's easy to detect the genesis of Barr's wondrous collisions of space-age pulp art.

The back of the large studio sees separate spaces for illustrating, painting, framing and shipping out orders. The huge windows of this one-time Fuller Brush factory provide ideal light for painting any time of year in any weather.

The multi-talented, internationally adored Barr has been in this space for six years. Here he produces lots of stuff, from illustrations and paintings to prints, books and toys — last week he had a release party for his devilish little Hell's Proprietor toy.

"My studio is an oasis in a sea of steel and concrete with lots of space to consider large canvases and room to really paint," Barr says. "It's a nice quiet neighborhood overlooking a city of decay and renaissance, light and textures. Detroit is overcast 90 percent of the time which makes for perfect light to paint by — it's a very inspirational setting."

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