Motor City Cribs

Bucolic Washtenaw County. Drive down wooded Huron River Drive and come upon Ford Lake as the Huron River winds its way from Ann Arbor. Turn on Spinnaker Way you enter Schooner Cove Apartments. Past the boat docks, tennis and volleyball courts, you’ll see the dizzying layout of look-alike buildings, which is the heart of Wolf Eyes.

The Eyes’ John Olson (and wife Tovah) has lived above bandmate Mike Connelly (and wife Tara) in Schooner Cove for a few years. It’s no surprise if the complex-y Cove ain’t exactly where you might picture two of the country’s most celebrated noise musicians settling down. See, the Connellys have a female dachshund named Steve Perry (!) and the Olsons have three cats named Tex, Lula Walls and Daisy. And Schooner Cove was one of few pet-friendly places the couples could find in the Ypsi-Ann Arbor area.

The inside of their apartments is a bit more telling, though: killer record collections from freaks you’ve never heard of, mind-bending art that covers every inch of wall space and studios full of instruments that look like a guitar magazine editor’s worst nightmare. Says Mike Connelly, “We don’t care what it looks like on the outside, we can always make it our own.”

The UFO Factory will be presenting a show of Wolf Eyes’ art, opening Jan. 12 and closing Feb. 9, 2008.

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