Motor City Cribs

Jun 13, 2007 at 12:00 am
Someone tell Governor Jennifer Granholm that the “cool” exodus is under way. With Michigan’s economy in the shitter, many creative people are saying goodbye to the Mitten and heading to either coast for work. In fact after this year’s DEMF, Matthew Dear packed up for Brooklyn (wife Jen landed a teaching gig there) just as his new Ghostly album, Asa Breed, dropped.

Not that Dear is a stranger to moving. The Austin, Texas, native and University of Michigan grad moved to Michigan as a teen and since has lived in Ann Arbor, Detroit and back in Austin. And for a good chunk of the year, he’s living out of a suitcase all over America and Europe, either touring with his new band or DJing. He’s probably got enough frequent flyer miles to take the whole Ghostly staff on vacation.

The Ghostly/Minus Records techno star’s Ann Arbor home was a recently renovated loft in downtown Ann Arbor and a stone’s throw from Ghostly label head Sam Valenti’s Ann Arbor apartment. Looking like an IKEA catalog spread, the sunny and minimal space was dominated by records and Dear’s recording studio. Conveniently, Matthew’s new home is only a subway ride away from Valenti’s New York digs.

See ya, Matt.