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Andrew W.K. left Ann Arbor for New York City (where he still lives) at 18 in search of fame, which didn’t take long. When his Island debut I Get Wet hit in 2001, British critics tripped over each other in a rush to gush. The Wolf followed in 2003, as did some mind-blowing TV appearances.

Andrew released his third album, Close Calls With Brick Walls, this September in Japan. He’s finishing his fourth, to come out with Walls in the States in 2007.

Andrew recently returned to Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving, appearing in the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade and presenting his concert movie, Who Knows, at a screening hosted by his dad, law prof James Krier, at the U-M Law School. Of his childhood home Andrew says: "This is my house. I don't know that it's my house, but it's my house because I believe it to be mine. I've more recently thought it was not my house because I didn't live there, but I was confusing my house with my home. This isn't my home, but the rooms are still my rooms, and I've loved these rooms so much. I spent a lot of time in the rooms; the living room, the dining room, the upstairs rooms; I want to continue to spend time inside them. I noticed the rooms are pretty and clean. I made a lot of efforts to mess them up years ago. Now, most of them are clean again. A lot of the artwork in the house was painted by my dad. I love all the paintings. They make the house look new every day."

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