Motor City Cribs

Sep 27, 2006 at 12:00 am

Sirens front woman Muffy Kroha purchased this Indian Village row house six years ago. She has since transformed the place — which was built in 1918 — into something the original occupants could have never in their wildest dreams have imagined. Though Muffy rocks by night in the Sirens, by day she’s the visual manager at the Somerset Collection’s Neiman Marcus store. Taking her own cue of “more is more” — along with castoffs from store window displays — Muffy has turned her multistory home into what she describes as “Valley of the Dolls goes to the circus.” But no pills needed here; each room has its own dolled-up color scheme — tidy little explosions of pop design and pop-culture memorabilia. She says, “This is my idea of minimalism! If you think this is bad, I used to live in a Mexican surf movie — and that was a one-room apartment.”

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