More war

May 19, 2004 at 12:00 am

It’s like crack to the political junkie. We keep sneaking off at various times of the day for another quick hit, then wander back to the task at hand, our brains filled with the heady smoke of information.

We’re talking about “War Room ’04,” a daily roundup of news stories related to the presidential campaign on But we use the word related in a, well, relative way. Sometimes the connections can be pretty loose. Like on Monday. As usual the site is packed full with clear, crisp synopses of news stories with links to the original, full-length piece, with lots of emphasis on the war in Iraq (and what ever happened to that little dust-up that was going on in Afghanistan, by the way?) and the economy and what the latest polls indicate. But the “War Room” can wander pretty far afield. For example, there is this passage from a verbal slugfest between right-wing rhetorical flame-thrower Ann Coulter and nebbish leftist Al Franken.

“Coulter: ‘When we won the war in a few weeks with amazingly few casualties, all the liberals had to complain about was some broken pottery. Any college student who was ever forced to gaze at Mesopotamian pottery was relieved.’

“When the crowd gasped at some of Coulter’s comments, she told them to continue to be rude [to her]: ‘It keeps getting Republicans elected.’”

It’s good stuff, so check it out. But be forewarned: “War Room ’04” is definitely habit-forming.

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