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While we’re talking about guidebooks, let’s look at 111 Things Every Woman Must Know About Men. A more appropriate title for this collection of nonsense would be 111 Stereotypes Which Fuck with a Female’s Head. A gathering of clichéd witticisms compiled by relationship counselor Frank Smoot, it’s purported to be “secrets,” which turn out to range from dumb to absurd. The book is directly marketed at women (Clue: the cover is pink) and yet effectively perpetuates even the most ridiculous female stereotypes, such as: “We love sports, you love shopping. Understand that we do not want to go shopping with you.” Fortunately, any woman who reads this book will only blame the author. Feel more sorry for his patients, who are undoubtedly subjected to such coaching as, “Come on, (insert anonymous woman’s name here), we’ve been over this, you know you need to fetch his slippers when he wants them…”

Men: buy your good-humored gal this book for April Fool’s Day. It sells for $7.99. Call 800-431-1579 for more info.

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