Michiganders are pissed Gretchen Whitmer won't stop saying 'damn'

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Michiganders are pissed Gretchen Whitmer won't stop saying 'damn'

There are a lot of things to get angry about when it comes to politics. People dying because they don't have health care? Blame politics. People living under bridges instead of in homes? Politics. Car tire swallowed by a pot hole? While less important, yes, that's politics too.

Then there are the political gripes so trivial they honestly bear mentioning only for their lunacy. And that's where we turn our focus to Michiganders who are apparently angry about the use of mild curse words. Yes, they are offended by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer's most visible campaign slogan, "Fix the damn roads."

"Just don't say 'damn' anymore," a woman on the internet urged of Whitmer yesterday. "[It] takes away from your ladyness."

"Ladyness," and apparently portability, are important attributes for Kristin Peterson, whose Twitter handle is @ladyinabag1. And ladies shouldn't say "damn" in public.

While Whitmer's oft-repeated slogan can certainly be considered irritating, it's hard to see what everyone is so worked up about. But we are also willing to admit our bias here, as we regularly print top-shelf curse words with pride, sometimes even in headlines.

So assuming Peterson and her crowd are not MT readers, we will now resume trolling them.

Men are also mad about Whitmer's use of the word "damn."

This guy, a dad, is red-faced-emoji mad his kids now think it's OK to say damn:

Others seem to dislike Whitmer's use of "damn" because they think she comes off smug:

Others think it just makes her look like a centrist:

Obviously, Whitmer is saying "damn" to seem "tough" and "relatable." It's an apparent lift from the playbook of the Democratic National Committee, which turned to swearing after President Donald Trump was elected, because a focus group probably determined it would make them seem "tough" and "relatable." DNC chair Tom Perez is known for saying "shit" a lot in speeches (there's a pretty devastating compilation of this put together by CNN). The party also started selling shirts last year that say "Democrats give a shit about people."

A spokeswoman for the DNC explained the swearing in a statement to CNN:

"Tom is angry, and he's angry because Donald Trump continues to stick it to the American people. Whether it's attempting to kick people off their health care or making it harder to buy a home, his policies are hurting our country, and Tom will continue to stand up to Trump and his administration on behalf of the American people."

Similarly, Whitmer explains her swearing like this:

Whitmer's campaign team also sees reason for use of the word "damn." Things are just that damn bad!

"Every day on the campaign trail people talk about how they are fed up because Michigan’s roads have gotten worse under Governor Snyder and Bill Schuette, not better," Whitmer campaign spokesman Zack Pohl told WZZM earlier this summer. "Gretchen Whitmer has a real plan to finally fix our roads and bridges the right way, the first time, with high-quality material and mix so we get the job done right. It’s time to get it done.”

So to sum it up, what we're saying is if you're mad about "damn," you're kind of lame. But if you think this is anything other than focus group-tested political maneuvering, well then damn you.

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