Michigan RNC Candidate: GOP Should Consider 'Purging' Gays from Party

Mary Sears feels Satan is to blame for homosexuality. (Source: Schoolcraft County Republican Party website)

Terri Lynn Land said last week she'd relinquish her role as a Michigan committeewoman for the Republican National Committee to focus more on her U.S. Senate bid.

Her possible replacement? An evangelical anti-gay fanatic from Houghton County, who likely falls to the right of embattled anti-gay Facebook posting fanatic Dave Agema, reports Chad Selweski of The Macomb Daily.

Mary Helen Sears of Houghton County (located near the very northern tip of the U.P.) is clearly in the Religious Right mold and, as recently as last March, she called for the purging of all gays and lesbians from the Republican Party.

Agema thinks that gays live a "filthy" lifestyle; Sears thinks they are the work of the devil.

Apparently some Republican insiders are so shaken by the prospect of having Agema and Sears as Michigan’s two representatives on the RNC that they’re growing concerned about two mainstream Republicans in the three-person field splitting their votes, thereby allowing Sears to claim victory.

The other two candidates, according to Selweski's report, are the daughter of someone from the Romney family and the ex-wife of state Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw Township.

Selweski cites a March 2013 column written by Sears on the Schoolcraft County Republican Party website titled "End Of The GOP?" Sears stresses that the GOP must consider "purging" gays from the party in order to survive. She also uses plenty of tent analogies:

A tent by its very nature is inclusive and exclusive. There are things the tent owner will allow in and others he will fight to the death to keep out.

The GOP is not the tent owner, it is the tent. Our party, like our boarder states have accepted the slow creep of intrusion until they are confused as to where their boarders truly lies. The voting members of the GOP are the tent owners. It is they who decides what the party stands for and what it stands against or what it lets into its tent and what it keeps out. With this idea in mind, we must ask ourselves, “How do we determine our belief system?”

The GOP is not a tent, it is the tent, see?

The state's Republican leaders have done cartwheels and somersaults to downplay Agema's bombastic Facebook rants and paint themselves as representatives of a party that accepts all. Imagine if they never figure out how to actually boot Agema and wind up having two gay-bashers sent to the RNC?

Here's another choice cut from Sears' column on her feelings toward gays (and tents):

How then can we as Christians stay in a party that adopts Homosexuality into the fabric of the tent. I say we cannot. Homosexuals make up less than one percent of the total population. They must prey on our children to increase their numbers.

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