Michael Moore says that Trump is 'sabotaging' his own campaign

Aug 17, 2016 at 11:37 am
click to enlarge Michael Moore says that Trump is 'sabotaging' his own campaign

Filmmaker and Flint-native Michael Moore posted an opinion piece on the Huffington Post and his own website stating that Trump never really wanted to be President in the first place. 

Moore won't reveal where he got his information form, but he makes a pretty convincing case for Trump's disingenuous decision to run for prez, detailing his rise among the Republican Party and how he clinched the nominee.

Moore posits that Trump wanted more money (well, duhh) and was dissatisfied with his NBC TV program "The Celebrity Apprentice" (would you be happy if your job was to chose between firing La Toya Jackson or Gary Busey?) and he wanted to show executives that he could still ring in the numbers. Turns out, no better way to do that than by amassing a gaggle of disenfranchised fans. Oh, and, yeah no, calling an entire race of people "rapists" and "drug dealers."

After NBC dumped Trump, (Hill— new campaign slogan, am I right?) Moore says that it frightened Donald, but he soon committed to this role and tried to compete in this election as long as he could. To quote Larry David, it's gotten him pretty, pretty far.

Moore now thinks that Trump is so far in that he is starting to peddle backwards, hence the recent slew of attacks against the Khan family, ridiculing The Purple Heart, and giving permission for his supporters to shoot Hillary Clinton. What fun!   

We shall see how this all works out in the next few months. We all know that Donald isn't going to go quietly, given his disdain for the word "Loser," but what happens for the GOP if Trump ultimately steps out of the race? One thing is for certain, though — this definitely isn't the party of Lincoln anymore.