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25 years ago in Metro Times: Red Amenable posits a few solutions to make hockey more entertaining as the Red Wings sneak into the playoffs after a long "Dead Wings" era. Among Amenable's solutions: Use the phrase "Hockey Hockey" and allow "pot smoking and the discharge of firearms inside Joe Louis Arena." Amenable says of a young promising goalie and a star first line, "They got them a lightbulb of a line in John Ogrodnick (55 goals), Ron Duguay (37 goals) and li'l Stevie Yzerman (30 goals) ..." The Wings wouldn't be out of the woods yet, as they battled the fabled late '80s Oilers. However, the team has not missed the playoffs since the 1989-90 season, which is also the year the Red Wings drafted current captain Nicklas Lindstrom. Currently the Red Wings hold longest active post-season streak in professional sports. What was happening: Koko Taylor at Aubree's, Julian Lennon at the Fox and Dr. John at the Soup Kitchen.

15 years ago in Metro Times: Jim Hightower's headline reads "A smart car? That's a dumb idea." Hightower rants, "It's bad enough that interactive-cyberspace has seized our workplaces, classrooms, homes, and the minds of anyone younger than 22. Now I don't even dare buy a car. What used to be a simple macho matter of overhead cams and chrome is now a 'computer on wheels' — and it knows way more than you do." Hightower's unleashes his fury on the 16-button BMW climate control panel; good thing he wasn't faced with a Prius! Also in MT, a special investigation reports on the growing militia movement and its relation to the Oklahoma City Bombings, which took the lives of 168 victims on April 19, 1995. What was happening: Sublime at the Majestic, Portishead at Industry, and Big Star singer songwriter Alex Chilton at St. Andrews's. Chilton died March 17, just before Big Star's scheduled 2010 South by Southwest show. 

8 years ago in Metro Times: Lisa M. Collins talks with city officials, including Detroit Auditor General Joe Harris about his recent finding that the city could be saving $60 million a year. Shocking as it may be, Harris' findings were largely dispelled by the Kilpatrick administration, with only about 10 percent of his plans enacted. Harris, who said last July the city would be broke by December, was appointed financial emergency manager for Benton Harbor earlier this month. Also in Metro Times, Robert Gorell profiles techno innovator Anthony "Shake" Shakir, chronicling his battle with multiple sclerosis and his relative obscurity compared with peers Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Jay Denham. Shakir will be one of the many performing at 2010's Movement festival on Memorial Day weekend. What was happening: The Jimmy Smith Quartet at the Magic Bag, Soulive with special guest Slum Village at the Majestic, and the Disco Biscuits at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.

Special thanks to editorial intern Pietro Truba for compiling this week's column.

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