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6 years ago in Metro Times: News Hits went to court as White Stripes frontman Jack White found himself in front of a judge after being charged with aggravated assault on Von Bondies' singer Jason Stollsteimer. White told the judge after Stollsteimer had "dissed" him in the press, and when he attempted to talk things out, he was forced to spit in Stollsteimer's face. White told the judge that, as they tussled, Stollsteimer's face landed on White's fist. What was happening: Al Green at Hammell Music Hall and George Carlin at the Hill Auditorium.

13 years ago in Metro Times: Nate Hendley wrote a Metro Beat piece about the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and their campaign for the use of hemp as a vehicle component. CAW spokesperson Mark Parent notes that the interest was sparked by the astronomical jump in cancer rates post-World-War II. Some Mercedes-Benz models at the time of the story were already using hemp to create dashboard and carpet components in their vehicles. What was happening: Cake at the Majestic, and Fiona Apple at St. Andrew's Hall.

15 years ago in Metro Times: Jim Hightower riffs on the big Mexican peso bailout that financial giant Goldman Sachs received. Yes, the same Goldman Sachs that received roughly $12.9 in bailout money last year. Goldman Sachs had been warned by their advisers that the Mexican pesos were a house of cards, but were blinded by 50 percent profits — until the bottom fell out. Las más cosas cambian, el más ellos permanecen el mismo. ... What was happening: John Cale at the Seventh House, Townes Van Zandt at The Ark.

25 years ago in Metro Times: Wilma Henrickson's cover story asks, with Stroh's leaving Detroit, who will do the fire-brewing? She delves into the rich brewing history of Detroit, which had 39 breweries in 1885. Henrickson gives a rough timeline from pre-prohibition to Stroh's imminent farewell. (Today, there are only five breweries left in Detroit, and there are 13 within 15 miles of the city.) What was happening: New Edition at the Masonic Temple, Bootsey & the Lovemasters at Alvins.

Special thanks to editorial intern Pietro Truba for research and writing assistance.

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