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25 years ago in Metro Times: In "Bringing up Super Baby," Leah Rosch investigates how Baby Boomers are raising their hyper-intelligent babies. Several psychologists are interviewed, saying that these children may be a generation of "hurried children," who are so pumped full of information that it will cause them undue stress at a very young age. Harvard Family Research director Dr. Fran Jacobs said, "There really isn't a lot of room for our children to rise higher than we did." Compare this parenting style with the recent national discussion about "helicopter parenting." Discuss. What was happening: Hall & Oates at Joe Louis Arena. (Note the Facebook-based effort to get Hall & Oates at Movement 2010!) 

12 years ago in Metro Times: We casually introduce the first Metro Times Blowout's debut at six venues in Hamtramck: Motor Lounge, Lili's 21, Paycheck's Lounge, Holbrook Café, the Attic and Roadrunner's Raft. The handful of venues housed 74 bands for $10 over two nights. All of this received roughly one page, give or take, in the entire issue, which also featured a story of everyone's favorite tropical superstar storm El Niño. Compare that with this year's offering, featuring 171 bands at 17 venues over the course of four days. Some things just get better with age. What was happening: Um, Blowout, of course! Among those 74 bands, we had Kung Fu Diesel, Big Barn Combo and, at Roadrunner's Raft, some dude named Eminem.

6 years ago in Metro Times: Erica Davis profiled the new Corktown art gallery Izzy's Raw Art on Michigan Avenue. Local artist Karl Schneider started the gallery with the intention of selling art that everyone could afford, attempting to keep all art prices less than $300. Schneider said the inspiration for the gallery came from Jacques Karamanoukian, who specialized in self-taught artists. Karamanoukian was a huge influence also on Zeitgeist Gallery across the street. Unfortunately, Zeitgeist closed last year, and Izzy's closed its doors just a few months ago. What was happening: Aside from the usual Metro Times Blowout, Dub is a Weapon was at the Detroit Art Space, and Ludacris took center stage at the State Theatre (now the Fillmore).

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