Metro Retro

Nov 2, 2005 at 12:00 am

19 years ago this week in Metro Times: Ron Williams talks to Wayne County Executive and Michigan gubernatorial candidate William Lucas about such key issues as teen pregnancies, Medicaid and unemployment. Lucas says a decrease in high-paying manufacturing jobs is inevitable, and that workers must accept positions in the service industry: “We are now in global competition, and whatever might have existed in the past, we are going to have to make an adjustment and we will.” What was happening: Vinnie Vincent at Joe Louis Arena.

16 years ago this week in Metro Times: Doug Sanders investigates the effects of America’s support for El Salvador’s rightist regime in its longtime struggle with guerrillas. In 10 years, approximately 70,000 civilians have been killed, while another 300,000 have fled abroad. Salvadoran refugee Francisco Lopez, 25, says, “The U.S. has been telling the Salvadoran government, ‘We will win the war because our strategy will work.’ Now, after 10 years of low-intensity conflict, there are no results.” What was happening: Lyle Lovett at the Fox Theatre.

Seven years ago this week in Metro Times: The paper runs a brief and quirky interview with Geoffrey Fieger, then a gubernatorial candidate in Michigan. Before it begins, he has time for two irate phone conversations, afterward remaining “so cranked he appears to vibrate.” He says he wants to be governor so he can do something good for all the people. Asked what he would do to prevent an economic collapse in the state, he answers, “There’s nothing I can do right now, because I think it’s imminent.” What was happening: Grupo Afrocuba de Matanzas at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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