Metro Retro

Gazing back over 30 years of MT history

Nov 24, 2010 at 12:00 am

17 years ago in Metro Times: Marilyn Lessem looks at single-sex schooling as a possible option for struggling students. The article, "Class distinction," focuses on young females, who researchers say don't get the same opportunities as males in grade schools, and suffer from such problems as lack of self-esteem and enthusiasm for school. Lessem says students in single-sex schools take their subjects more seriously and study more due to fewer distractions. "Girls in particular feel very protected. And they have the opportunity to see girls who can do everything," Lessem says. What was happening: Lemonheads at the State Theatre, Kid Rock at St. Andrew's Hall, Inner Circle at the Majestic.

13 years ago in Metro Times: Desiree Cooper talks about shaping impressionable minds in the column "Why mentoring matters." Cooper writes about her experience with Lisa, a high-school student that she mentored in 1987 through Detroit Public Schools' Student Motivational Project. Cooper only discovers that Lisa is afraid of heights after a dinner atop the RenCen, but Cooper and Lisa develop a friendship. Cooper receives a letter years later saying that Lisa graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette. The column is partly written in hopes that the Student Motivation Project could be revived, but, as of now, it hasn't been. What was happening: Detroit Cobras at the Magic Stick, Fiona Apple at the State Theatre, Green Day at the State Theatre.

8 years ago in Metro Times: Eminem's grandmother sticks it to MT in a letter to the editor after "The Todd Nelson Show," an interview with Eminem's uncle Todd Nelson Sr. is published. Betty Kresin, Em's grandma, gives her spin on Nelson's interview, including the tale of Marshall Mathers' 8-year-old temper tantrum in a Kmart. "How could Todd have seen Marshall throwing a temper tantrum? Todd would have been 19 years old when Marshall was 8. Todd was married with his own son and living in Oklahoma!" Kresin writes. Granny Em defends her grandson against mean uncle Nelson the whole time: "In spite of what Todd says, I think 8 Mile was a perfect title for the movie. I saw it twice, and thought it was excellent!" What was happening: Counting Crows at the MSU Auditorium, Ben Folds at the State Theatre, John Mayer at the EMU Convocation Center.