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16 years ago in Metro Times: Children as young as preschoolers are taught the harsh realities of life in Alice Rhein's "Confronting reality." At the Macomb County Office of Community Assesment, Kathy Rager is putting together a drug prevention program aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 6. If that seems too young, the community is very concerned about increasing rates of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse. These children's programs tackle taboo and challenging problems among kids and teenagers, including sexual abuse and suicide. Rhein supports this new kind of program, quoting a University of Michigan study saying that alcohol-prevention programs in schools were found to be beneficial for students. What was happening: Jeff Maylin at the Attic, India Green at Rick's, and Reckless Youth at Vertigo.

4 years ago in Metro Times: In Jack Lessenberry's "Vote Leyland for governor," after spotting someone at a Tiger game holding a sign reading, "Leyland for Governor," Lessenberry realizes that, in the upcoming gubernatorial election, Leyland would make a good candidate. He brought a team together to work for a common goal, something lacking in Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican candidate Dick DeVos. Lessenberry argues that people are voting Democratic only because they are fed up with Republicans. (Sound a bit familiar?) Lessenberry says that the problem with Democrats is that they have no common goal. "I think they could win by a larger margin than they are going to," he said, "and win a victory that they could really do something with — if they only stood for something." With the 2010 mid-term elections just around the corner, Yogi Berra would agree that it's déja vu all over again. What was happening: Jewel at Emerald Theatre, the Fray at State Theatre, and Lady Sovereign at St. Andrew's Hall.

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