Media Blackout

The Department of Homeland Security has ordered that part of MB115 be printed using quantum-key encryption!

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Soulkid#1 Americanized (Secret Agent) :: Derek Flint would approve of this modern retroactive rock ‘n’ soul music with a jive talkin’ dash of black light, lava lamp, deep pile shag carpet funk that’s smoother than a freshly shaved fish.

James Coburn Our Man Flint (FOX) :: And if you don’t know who Derek Flint is ...

Robert Rodriguez Planet Terror (R.I.P.) :: The best zombie movie of the year!

James Coburn In Like Flint (FOX) :: ... then you’re just not with it, man.

Quentin Tarantino Death Proof (Red Apple) :: The best car chase movie of the year!

Dean Martin The Matt Helm Lounge (Columbia) :: Beyond cool lies the summit of insouciance. Beyond nonchalance, the apex of apathy.

Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse (Troublemaker/Dimension) :: The best movies of the year!

Great Lake Swimmers Ongiara (Nettwerk) :: One of the greatest albums John Cale never recorded.

Bob Egan The Glorious Decline (Universal) :: Countrified cautionary tales told with a knowing subsonic voice that evokes Johnny Cash at his most morose. And on tracks like “An Airport Bar On Christmas Day” he somehow manages to merge the melancholy of NIN with the sonics of Eno.

The Operation M.D. We Have An Emergency (Aquarius) :: I dare Rick Nielsen to listen to “Sayonara” and then try and come up with a new Cheap Trick song that’s at least half as good. I’d double dare him, but I know he can’t.

Burt Reynolds Squeal Or No Squeal (FOX) :: The sequel to Deliverance.


Clouds Legendary Demo (Hydra Head) :: When they’re not busy rewriting Blue Öyster Cult with bozo aplomb on “New Amnesia,” they’re busy fusing early Leigh Stevens hyperthreaded Blue Cheer with early Terry Knight hyperprimitive Grand Funk via early Ted Nugent hyperactive Amboy Dukes and early John Rutsey hyperthyroid Rush. But not early Iggy Pop hypodermic Stooges.


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