Media Blackout

250 guys just walkin’ down the road, just like that? Why, they’re gonna swoop down and scoop you up so fast it’d make your MB49 swim! • Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin (Atlantic) :: If he keeps on strainin’ the larynx gonna break. • ShelbyThe Luxury Of Time (Gigantic Music) :: Steve McQueen is their hero, which explains why Virgil Hilts might’ve gotten over that second barbed wire barrier had he been listening to “Green Eyes” at the time. • HurstWanderlust (Round Rock) :: And if he’d been listening to this slammin’ Sammy slice of Hagarock, the Cooler King could’ve dug all three tunnels by himself. • Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II (Atlantic) :: If he keeps on strainin’ the larynx gonna break. • Paul BrickhillThe Great Escape (Faber and Faber) :: If all you know is the movie, then you only know part of the story, because Brickhill’s account is a premier page turner. • Paul Winchell (R.I.P.) :: Tigger? I remember him as the ventriloquist straight man to Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead. But it doesn’t matter what he’s remembered for, as long as he’s remembered. • Robert PlantMighty Rearranger (Sanctuary) :: When the larynx breaks, mama, he got to croon. • SIZZLING SERIES OF THE WEEK: AirwolfSeason One (Universal Home Video DVD) :: If you missed this Blue Thunder superchopper knock-off when it first aired a few decades back, now’s your chance to atone for your grievous sin of omission by buying this two-disc set. Not only does Jan Michael Vincent beat Roy Schneider at his own ace stealth pilot game, there’s the extra bonus of getting to watch co-star Ernest “McHale” Borgnine cranked up and kvetching in his best Escape From New York “Cabbie” comedy relief mode. • Be seeing you!

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