Lunchtime Links: Entitled teens whine about Christmas, your Communist horoscope and more

Dec 27, 2013 at 11:30 am

1) The Entitled Generation: These tweets from petulant teens whining about Christmas will make you fear for the upcoming generation.

2) A new nonprofit organization called Write-A-House, located in Detroit, Michigan (which, earlier this year, became the largest city in the United States to file for and enter bankruptcy) has found something creative to do with the city’s seemingly endless blocks of vacant homes—gut them from the inside-out, fix them up, and give them to writers.” (Alternet)

3) The New York Times takes a look at Detroit's decline. Some insights: "'Without an efficient mode of transportation over the past few decades, blacks and whites didn’t travel side by side as they did in other cities, a missed opportunity to ease racial tensions,' said Kevin Boyle, the Northwestern University historian and Detroit native who has written extensively about the city." (The New York Times)

4) Here's a look at the "DBurst," the ball that will be dropped downtown on New Year's Eve. (Crain's Detroit)

5) "Six. That's how many people actually managed to enroll through the federal website the first day it opened, Oct. 1." (NPR)

6) "I would tell you to buy these books for people for Christmas, but Christmas is over so I guess you'll just have to buy them as gifts to yourself, assuming no one loved you enough to get them for you." Comic book fans: here's a list of 2013 releases you should check out. (VICE)

7) The Lady Lager is a "fake vagina in a can combines most men's two favorite things, beer and masturbating." Here's a list of 12 sex toys for men that make little to no sense. (Cosmopolitan)

8) "From Lululemon's sheer-pants recall to Rihanna's court case with Topshop, here's a look at the most scandalous fashion events of 2013." (Daily Beast)

9) "You’re sick? Everyone’s sick. You’re tired? Everyone’s tired. You’re exhausted by looking for a job (or by having one)? The moon’s ephemeral conjunction with Jupiter suggests that, yes, it might be time to organize a general strike." Read your Commie horoscope. (Counterpunch)

10) "2013 is widely considered to be the least productive year in the history of the United States Congress. The legislative body struggled to do the most basic work expected of it, such as keeping the government open. Despite all the partisan strife, 65 bills were sent to President Obama to be signed into law. These are seven of the more notable laws enacted during this not-very-momentous first session of the 113th Congress, where that body did more than just keep the lights on." (Daily Beast)