Lunchtime Links

1) Apparently if you somehow strap a camera to the back of a bald eagle it makes for some amazing footage. (Co.Create)

2) What do you do if the wrong number sends you a photo? Here are some of the best responses. (Distractify)

3) Let's do the Time Warp again: here's 10 photo mockups of what Detroit could look like in the future. (Huffington Post)

4) I wish church was really like this: drum 'n' bass mashed up with Gospel sounds, and looks, like the most fun you can possibly have. (YouTube)

5) Not really their worst performance, but screwing with the audio on this Kings of Leon video makes for one of the funniest YouTube videos we've ever seen. (YouTube)

6) This Batman golf cart could be yours for $17,500. (Gizmodo)

7) According to Transparency International, the most corrupt countries of 2013 were Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia. The least corrupt were the Scandanavian countries and New Zealand. The U.S. ranked 19. (NPR)

8) New book compiles some of the best, most awkward holiday family photos. (NPR)

9) The irony is too much for me: Walmart selling ripped off prints of controversial street artist Banksy's 'Detsroy Capitalism.' It would surprise us if Banksy was somehow behind it, though. (death + taxes)

10) And oldie but a goodie: the best drummer ever. (YouTube)

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