Low snow

Dec 13, 2000 at 12:00 am

No, no, no, they’ve got it all wrong! Melancholy indie kids must be shaking in their snow boots. Whoever told the Gap’s advertising department that when confronted with the bittersweet hot-chocolatey sounds of Low’s Christmas Album, adults are supposed to frolic in the snow with large groups of friends … all of whom are wearing turtleneck sweaters in a wide variety of boring colors? That’s the nightmare of a scene from one of the Gap’s newest “uncommercialized and low key” television ads for the holiday season. A group of pretty 20-somethings move slowly and playfully toward the camera — lost in a reverie of nostalgic childhood innocence — while Low’s sympathetic rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” sounds the sentimental winter white promenade.

Sure, we should be happy that good music is getting recognized. For more seasonal vignettes, Gap advertisers have also cued up tunes by Red House Painters, Badly Drawn Boy and Leroy Anderson. Check it out live if you haven’t seen it yet. You can search for Gap ads on www.adcritic.com.

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