Looking for Kenny

Aug 1, 2001 at 12:00 am

It is uncertain whether the www.menwholooklikekennyrogers.com Web site does any good other than helping point out the absurdity of Kenny Rogers. At this Web site, ogle several photos of men who resemble Rogers. Think about it — if a man has a white beard and white hair, then he looks like one of only three people: Santa Claus, Ernest Hemingway or Kenny Rogers. Santa loses his coolness after childhood, old Hem blew his head off, but Kenny Rogers — now, here is an artist. The man sang “The Gambler” and acted in the numerous TV movies based on the song, dueted with Dolly Parton, opened up his own chicken restaurant (Kenny Rogers Roasters, which before going bankrupt was featured on “Seinfield”) and performs those Christmas shows at the Fox Theatre, bringing older suburbanites into the city one night a year. And now we have a Web site celebrating everyday Americans who could double for Kenny in yet another of The Gambler films. In addition to photos, tips are provided for spotting and even photographing Kenny Rogers types. The best places to spot these men include Home Depot, Harley-Davidson shops and Waffle Houses. T-shirts of various Kennys are available for $14. There is even a recipe for sweet corn muffins just like they used to serve at Kenny’s restaurants.

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