Local man behind bars after trying to bail friend out of jail, handing over cocaine along with the cash

Feb 9, 2015 at 1:13 pm
A man is behind bars after giving cops bail money for a friend and, whoops, a packet of cocaine.

A 51-year-old Clinton Township man apparently stopped by the local police station on Saturday to get a buddy out of jail, but ended up behind bars himself after accidentally handing over a package of drugs along with the bail money he pulled out of his pocket.

“The bail was $300 and he presented three $100 bills to the station officer,” Lt. Eric Reincke told the Detroit News. “When he pulled out the cash, there was a small yellow baggie between the bills. When the officer asked what it was, the man replied that it was ‘just garbage.’”

Police conducted a field test, proving the 'garbage' was actually cocaine, and arrested the bail buddy on the spot.

The main is expected to be arraigned today.