Letters to the Editor

Thomas' legacy

Thanks to Jack Lessenberry for the perspective on Helen Thomas and the Arab American Museum (the item headlined "Enough nonsense about Helen Thomas" within the article, "Bernero vs. Snyder" Aug. 11).

As a country we have a very short memory and his reminders about Ty Cobb and Henry Ford are great examples of our imperfect humanity. Yet our greatness as a country is when we get past the heat of the emotional reaction (which at times takes decades) we step back and see the true picture of contribution for the betterment of all.

If we expect to hold our leaders to a standard of perfection, we just maintain the illusion. —Rick Nowakowski, South Lyon

Shitty attitude

I enjoy reading your paper, but finally had to drop you a line to let you know what I think of Jack Lessenberry's column. His whiny, bitchy, infantile name-calling is an embarrassment to your publication. Having lived out West for a few years, I can tell you his shitty attitude wouldn't be given space in a free weekly. He represents well the negativity that so many young folks are trying to get away from by leaving Michigan. I sincerely hope you can find someone to replace his column who will be informative without being such a drag. —Ben Higgins, Ann Arbor


Re: Detroitblogger John's "Signs of faith" (Aug. 11), while cutting brush behind the barn one winter day, a friend now living in Dearborn said to me, "There is culture in Detroit but no civilization." He is a gentleman of the first water, no Detroit-basher — and I know the sort. They live in Kent County, of course, and Macomb crawls with them. Given events of the last 15 years, he probably should have said "the United States of America."

Mdms. Reed and Andreas represent the best Christianity has to offer. Why, then, in this most Christian country of the industrialized world (ask Pat Buchanan), do we suffer a culture of paranoia and just down 'n' dirty violence? Wherefrom this lumpenproletariat of white and black male trash who threaten social order? Hezbollah, the Nazis, or the Sovs could not do more damage, at least from afar. I leave that one for social psychologists, but theologians might also give it a crack. —G.M. Ross, Lowell

Right on Ruiners

The review of the Ruiners' new CD ("Glitter bullets," Aug. 11) is another good one. In a way that few music critics can master, Brett Callwood has once again pointed out the flaws in a local CD release while still emphasizing the positive angles — most importantly, the entertainment value. He pointed out that the Ruiners might be seen and heard as a novelty act, but he mentions the hot babe, the dance-steps and the fun live show.

I myself had many invite-only Traci Lords film festivals. The Cramps are a good analogy. Rick Ruiner is also one of the best frontmen in the city.

So refreshing to see this, when the usual copy goes to the latest solo "project" on break from his grunge or garage-rock fame. Yeah, Brett! —R. Mulrooney, Hamtramck

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